Friday, June 13, 2008

Texas Quote Wall...

Some little gems of wisdom and amusement mined from the millions of statements made during our brief time in Texas:

"Pardon my language, but I feel like a goddamn hippie." - Kim
"Can I tell you a secret? I'm wearing Nathan's underwear." - Kim
"Just be nice." - Nathan
"Just keep eating flies." - Kerri
"Different boats, same rock." - Kerri
"She probably won't again, becuase really they only go good with nothing." - Kim
"mmm...dinner in a tube..." - Kersten
"Shawarma King." - Kerri
"You say that now, but you'll wake up craving giraffe." - Haley
"It's like, over for this plantain." - Kim
"It's just her face that bothers me." - Kersten
"So, in case you're ever wondering, I can hold ten Ikea catalogs in one hand." - Kersten
"I hate America, but that's a pretty common theme in my life." - Kersten, with powerful seconds from her roommates
"Dirt is free, man. It's the earth; it's everyone's." - Kim
"February is when you get ready for bikini season." - 94.5 The Buzz
"Yeah, that shirt is kind of gay." - Ajit
"I respected you a lot before but now you're right up there with Krishna." - Kerri
"Drinking has no limits, when you're an alcoholic, cowboy." - Kim
"I'm not wearing pants." - Kerri
"They lose elderly people a lot down here." - Kersten