Thursday, January 20, 2011

how are babies born?

interesting lunch conversation for today: "if we're 70% water, how are babies born?" i still don't even know what the correct answer is to that.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

sappy thank you to the people in my life

i had the pleasure this week of introducing my roommate to my college friends. i find it an interesting experience to introduce someone to something that i know very well. whether it be a favorite movie, song, activity or person, i almost inevitably wind up seeing it in a new way.

i find that as i share, i begin to see the thing through the eyes of whoever i am sharing it with. i watch and analyze and make judgments about how they will react to it. sometimes this goes well and the person loves it. sometimes it doesn't go so well and, for the first time, i realize how silly/strange/awesomely bad the thing is.

luckily for me, this week was a very affirming experience. i got to watch my friends welcome and accept kersten into our adventure. and when i really stopped to observe them as an outsider, i realized how kind and sweet they really are. somehow, amidst the ridiculousness that is life in the dorms, we managed to put together a pretty good group. we are kind and considerate, honest and fair, absolutely ridiculous and always a good time. in short, y'all are good people.

so, as i leave home and head back to my life here in houston, i'd like to share my gratitude. i don't think i can express how lucky i feel to be surrounded with so many good people, from my many friends (from college and otherwise) to my wonderful family. i would like to say thank you for the pleasure of being a piece of furniture in your weird lives and having y'all as fixtures in mine. to all the people who have laughed and cried with me, who have nudged me forward and helped me grow, thank you, thank you , thank you. you have made my life a pretty marvelous thing.