Saturday, July 31, 2010

adventures in moving

i got to be a grown-up today. kersten and i are moving and this time we decided to do it with a truck. you know, one of those u-hauls. we settled on one that was 10 feet long. in classic kim style, i thought very little of our decision. we'll figure it out, right?
and then my mom looked at me and asked, "it's an automatic, right?"
"of course, i'm sure, it has to be," i replied and tried not to give it much thought.

then today we were sitting at lunch and kersten goes, "what are we going to do if it's a manual?" and again, in my classic i-can-do-anything,-no-problem sort of way i answered, "we'll take it and hope ben peetz really did teach me something on the farm this summer. it'll be fine, we'll figure it out." kersten did not looked convinced.

a little while later, as i was sitting at barnes & noble waiting for kersten to finish stealing the internet, i gave this last exchange some thought. neither one of us really knows how to drive a stick. sure, we know how, but we don't really know how. nor has either one of us ever driven a giant truck before. and it's houston. there's traffic. i started imagining kersten and i in this truck and i laughed so hard i cried. right there in the barnes. we'd be going approximately 10 miles an hour and trying to avoid every major street we can, probably killing the engine at every other corner while screaming and flailing at each other in the cab. then i imagined the truck full and realized that there is no way to get from our old house to our new house without taking some major streets. i have no idea what gear i need to go 40 miles an hour! i think i'm going to start cracking up again, sitting here by myself...

at any rate, the truck did indeed turn out to be an automatic which i thought took some of the adventure out of things but was probably safer. little did i know what adventure would be in store for us...we had to wait a bit for our truck to come and they offered us the 17 foot truck that had already come back. we said we would wait. then, as we were filling out the paperwork to take it, kersten asked if it had a ramp, thinking that of course it would. of course it didn't. realizing that there was no way the 2 of us could get a washing machine into a truck without a ramp, we said, "what were you saying about that 17 foot truck? it has a ramp, right?" of course it does. and thus, kersten got to drive down the streets of houston in a 17 food u-haul truck. adventure was restored.

luckily, no accidents occurred, but it was fun watching her drive it. such good expressions...

it was also kind of fun loading it. i've never gotten to get in the truck before. i felt very grown up.

that said, growing up is kind of annoying. moving sucks. especially moving into a second floor apartment. and we don't really even have any furniture yet. good thing we like the place lots.