Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Moroccan Alphabet

A is for Ali Baba and his 40 thieves.
B is for Bear Grylls's ridiculous antics.
C is for camels for eating and riding.
D is for dunes waiting for climbing.
E is for Erg Chebi, our desert home.
F is for French for speaking (or faking).
G is for green, life-giving oases.
H is for hammams for scrubbing and talking.
I is for imams who call for the prayers.
J is for juices made from avocados and oranges.
K is for kasbahs made to be rocked.
L is for lions, the biggest danger of all.
M is for monkeys, fed in the snow.
N is for Naim, our driver and guide.
O is for olives served with every meal.
P is for pictures of buddies with thumbs at the ready.
Q is for quaint towns of locals with smiles.
R is for red clay for buildings and pots.
S is for snails to be slurped form their shells.
T is for tagines made of beef, chicken or goat.
U is for unwanted guides at the ready.
V is for values to be had in the markets.
W is for winding streets of medinas.
X is for x-pert Mohamed, our desert guide.
Y is for yogurt, made fresh at home.
Z is for zingers galore, thanks to Andrew and Gabe.

Smile, you're in Morocco!

There was
camel in Taddart and street food in Fez.
snails in Casablanca and pastries in Paris.
tagines with meat and couscous with vegetables.

But always
there were french fries on the side.

rode camels to the desert and climbed the dunes.
watched the video then met the man.
strolled the markets and ancient squares.

But always
we stopped for sweet tea with mint.

There was
snow in the High Atlas and sun in the desert.
green oases by rivers and red earth everywhere else.
bustle in the cities and peace in the villages.

But always
there was Catan.

fed the monkeys and watched the flocks.
braved the lion and the tannery's stench.
toured the mosque and rocked the kasbahs.

But always
we laughed - Ali Babba, Shakira, Mak and their Bodyguard.