Friday, April 17, 2009

thirst quenchers

it's funny the things that feed your soul. such random, inconsequential things that end up meaning more than some of the most important. and you don't always know what they are. you find them out when suddenly confronted with one after a long absence.

for me, it's large expanses of wide open space. particularly a nice landscape. to me, this is one of the most gorgeous things in the world, even when i know it really isn't that impressive.

it's rock music. especially when played live by people who clearly love what they are doing. then it doesn't even matter if it's good.

it's watching one of my students read a new word on their own. or remember to use please and thank you. with each other.

it's a good hug from a good friend.

it's watching fight club.

it's a friendly interaction with a complete stranger, despite a mile-high language barrier.

it's sunshine on my face and warm grass beneath bare skin.

these are all fairly inconsequential things i could easily live without. in fact, i do much of the time. and yet they are, in some ways, the things i live my life for. these are the experiences that i greedily drink in whenever i get the chance, in hopes of staving off the next draught.

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