Sunday, August 30, 2009

ah, the first days...

let's recap my first week of teaching this year:

by the second day of school, 3 of my boys and one of my girls had seen the principal at least once, some twice.

i have exercised my shouting voice at least 3 times each day. this doesn't include shouting for effect during a read aloud. i should note that i do my best not to shout at school and do not enjoy it when it happens.

my kids have spent at least 50% of their recess time walking laps in reparation for offenses in the classroom.

they have spent probably 30% of their total time at school practicing walking up and down the hallway because we just can't seem to get it right.

i have already earned an almost brand new pack of my favorite american gum. ah, fringe benefits.

we have spent half an hour with our heads down trying to figure out who thought they should leave said gum on the enrichment teacher's rug.

and, finally, the same 3 boys mentioned previously have already managed their first in-school suspension for getting in a fist fight in the hallway/bathroom. yay! the upside of this is that the rest of the class had a surprisingly productive day after they left.

i should also mention that i'm referring to only one class, which has managed all of this in the half of the day that they spend with me. i can only imagine what else they've accomplished in mr. rollins class.

i predict that i will learn a lot this year, even if my kids do not.

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