Saturday, March 27, 2010

Unexpected ABC's

The things we didn't see coming on our trip to Frankfurt and Italy.

A. alligator crossing sign in Frankfurt
B. brie at McDonald's in Germany
C. cacti in Italy
D. demonstrations on animal rights
E. eighties rock playing everywhere
F. fifteen euro gelatto
G. ginormous scooter windshields
H. hiking
I. Indian popsicles
J. jovial Italians
K. kiwi on a stick at McDonald's in Italy
L. lighting candles in a church
M. McItaly Burger at McDonald's
N. Native American postcards for sale in Frankfurt
O. open-air train stations
P. plates from the states in Rome (license plates)
Q. queue at the Vatican Museum
R. roller blading priest
S. saffron pasta
T. telephones ringing in the Vatican Museum
U. unusually thick hot chocolate
V. vaporetta ride with an opera singer
W. with-child tourists in record numbers
X. xtra long Frankfurters
Y. young Seminarian of the Year calendars
Z. zebra painting at the Vatican Museum

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