Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Moroccan Alphabet

A is for Ali Baba and his 40 thieves.
B is for Bear Grylls's ridiculous antics.
C is for camels for eating and riding.
D is for dunes waiting for climbing.
E is for Erg Chebi, our desert home.
F is for French for speaking (or faking).
G is for green, life-giving oases.
H is for hammams for scrubbing and talking.
I is for imams who call for the prayers.
J is for juices made from avocados and oranges.
K is for kasbahs made to be rocked.
L is for lions, the biggest danger of all.
M is for monkeys, fed in the snow.
N is for Naim, our driver and guide.
O is for olives served with every meal.
P is for pictures of buddies with thumbs at the ready.
Q is for quaint towns of locals with smiles.
R is for red clay for buildings and pots.
S is for snails to be slurped form their shells.
T is for tagines made of beef, chicken or goat.
U is for unwanted guides at the ready.
V is for values to be had in the markets.
W is for winding streets of medinas.
X is for x-pert Mohamed, our desert guide.
Y is for yogurt, made fresh at home.
Z is for zingers galore, thanks to Andrew and Gabe.

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