Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rockin' the Grandma Look

Turns out I look like a grandma.  I was talking to some girls from Standard 7 after class yesterday and they informed me that I have grandma glasses.  This was shocking to me because I actually think my glasses are kind of cool.  When I told them this, they conceded that my glasses were fine but unanimously agreed that my hair needs some work.  Apparently my daily bun is just not very hip.  There is, however, a solution.  If I put my hair down with some bangs, then I'll be beautiful.  (To which I replied, "Are you saying I'm not beautiful all the time!")  

I suggested getting braids and this was met with scrunched up faces and glaring disapproval.  That would not be a good look for me.  My skin is just too white.  If, however, I were to paint my skin brown, including my scalp, then I could get braids.  But I still might look like a grandma.  

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Andi said...

This makes me so happy!