Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lifestyle Reboot - February: Getting Creative

Alright, everyone! A new month is officially upon us, which makes it time for a new challenge! This month's challenge is a bit less focused on sustainability and instead is more geared toward building mindfulness in my every day life (although, given that it's me, there are definitely some sustainability undertones).

I have always been a fairly creative/artistic person and I've noticed lately that this part of myself is almost entirely absent from my daily life. I very rarely make it a priority to spend time taking photos or working on any sort of artistic projects, so my focus for this month is to spend at least 30-60 minutes every day working on something creative. I anticipate that this will include refashioning some thrifted duds, making/remaking jewelry, coloring, taking pictures, editing pictures and getting my new camera all figured out. I'm looking forward to getting lost in the creative process again and revitalizing a lost piece of myself.

While my focus this month isn't exclusively on sustainability, some of the projects I anticipate working on are all about repurposing rather than buying new and adding to the waste stream. I am also slowly but surely making changes in my daily life to create less waste and be more thoughtful with resources. I've started looking for cloth napkins, handkerchiefs, reusable menstrual products, metal food storage containers, etc. in order to start swapping out disposable products for reusable ones. (I'm trying to look at sustainable/local purchasing options as well, rather than just running to Target for everything.) And I'm starting to carry some of those things with me more and more so that I'm prepared when things come up and don't have to rely on disposable solutions.

Additionally, I am starting to be more and more mindful about the health and beauty products I'm currently using, as well as more natural and less wasteful options so that I can be ready to try replacing them as things run out. I'm expecting that to start happening maybe next month, but we'll see. I don't want to waste the products I already have by not using them up.

Thanks for keeping up with my lifestyle adventures this year. I love sharing the changes I'm making with you and am so looking forward to showing you all of my artistic endeavors at the end of this month!

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