Sunday, March 1, 2009

things i miss

6 months in, 4 more to go, these are the things i miss from home:

  • the blaze (oh, rock and roll!)
  • spaghetti sauce
  • cotija cheese
  • driving
  • wide open spaces
  • relative calm when i step outside my door
  • conversations with my friends
  • my mommy
  • all of my friends and family, of course
  • an oven
  • a clothes dryer
  • being able to be barefoot outside
  • wal-mart, target, old navy
  • cereal
  • swing night
  • the ability to read signs and converse with anyone at will
  • a natural understanding of my environment
  • central heat
  • whole wheat products
  • cookies
  • quality art supplies
  • efficiency
  • tortillas
  • quality merchandise
  • bayou goo and swirl
  • ivannacone
  • american gum
  • apple skins
  • Jimmy John's
  • swings
  • thrift store shopping
  • water fountains
  • Baha'is

i don't intend for this list to be negative. i think it is interesting to pay attention to the things you miss. they say something about you and your home culture. i had no idea how much i appreciated some of these things until i couldn't have them. i also find it notable that so many of these items are food. it makes sense to me that these are the things i would miss the most, since eating is such a basic need that i am reminded at least three times a day of how drastically different the cuisine is here. i'm not sure if food is the thing i actually miss the most, but it is definitely the thing i notice missing the most. i think people would rank right up there, as well, which makes sense since these are my two main sources of comfort.

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