Tuesday, August 24, 2010

i'm so emo!

in case i haven't seen you in awhile, i cut my hair this summer. it went from really long and straight to a short bob with lots of long bangs. i promise this is relevant.

i walked by a group of my former students today at lunch and one of the boys goes, "ms. wood, ms. wood! you cut your hair, are you emo now?" i heard him, but i couldn't pay much attention to him because i was getting my kids to lunch and it was kind of crazy so i kind of waved and kept going.

a little bit later i walked by their table again and the same kid goes, "ms. wood, you're emo now!"

so i stop and i go, "edward, i am not emo, i just cut my hair!"
"yes you are. you're emo. you have the haircut with the bangs all gelled in your eyes."
"honey, there's no gel in my hair, my hair just does this. this is just how it goes. i'm not trying to be emo." and then i keep walking because i have to get back to my class.

an hour or so later, we happened to be at recess at the same time and this same student comes up to me and goes, "you're the kind of emo where you just get the haircut and you don't use any gel."

and then he jogs away.

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