Wednesday, August 11, 2010

stolen lyric poetry

i sometimes collect song lyrics that i enjoy. bits of text and phrases that resonate with me for whatever reason. for some it's the meaning, for others i just like the way they sound. i've taken some of these lyrics and turned them into poems. i think the first one came out alright. the second one requires a little more mining for the meaning.

Let It Out
If you've got an impulse let it out
(With a smile)

Hear the bells are
Ringing joyful and triumphant

Be good to yourself today
Have no fear
Gamble everything

Go make out
Up in the balcony

The band's leaving
Old age is just around the bend

The Sound of Settling
Distance lends enchantment to the future;
but my bed's too big for just me.
So I hold you closer,
fumbling to make contact.
But when I'm leanin',
you just turn your head away.

We'd learn how our bodies worked;
think without boundaries;
be good to ourselves today.
But I always have to steal my kisses from you.

Can you tell I'm losing sleep?
Yeah, you make me merry,
but you just turn your head away.

So I learnt from you.

Goddamn the black night,
with all it's foul temptations.
When you turn your eyes,
I promise I won't care,
but my bed's too big for just me.

special thanks to the following artists for the use of their words:
Ra Ra Riot
random Indian man
Dove Chocolate wrapper
Ben Harper
Death Cab for Cutie
Kate Nash
Bright Eyes
Mike Doughty
Ben Lee

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